SPOT 1. Andrea Kvas

The selected artist for the second cycle of Spot – studio dal vivo, is Andrea Kvas. He has the opportunity to work from February until March 2010 in a studio by the Sala del Camino, on the Giudecca Island.
According to Spot’s rules, the curators Francesco Ragazzi and Francesco Urbano cooperate with the artist in the direction of an event linked to his personal research, respecting only one limit: to avoid the “solo show” format. Such restrictions look to bring out the preconceptions and the connections which link artistic practice with its complex plurality.
On this premise, on Sunday the 25th of April at 6.30pm by the Freezer Space of the Centro Polivalente CZ95, Sketchbooks opens its doors. It is a collective exhibition and the final step of a workshop that sees Andrea Kvas in the bottega master’s shoes. Until the 2nd of May some of the works made by the Boston University Studio Program’s students and produced under the direction of the artist from Friuli are visible to the public.
As a result of two days of exchanges and confrontation, the exhibition begins with the pages of scrap books; pages that – for a young artist – mean primary spaces of pleasure and freedom: intimate places for testing, but also personal ways of escaping the influence of every artistic education. Going through and checking all the visual notes collected by the students in the last few months, Andrea Kvas pushed everyone to identify and develop a recurring focal topic still unexpressed. Everyone who took part of the workshop had the job of developing into a new form, something discarded or hidden.
In addition to testing the painting in its collective dimension, Andrea Kvas concentrated also on a more solitary studio practice. During the residency program, the artist produced a cycle of more than 30 canvases, all 30×70 format. This arbitrary standardisation contrasted with the desire to commit methodical self vandalism: a nonstop accumulation of layers which led to the monochromes of the immediately following years.


Born in Trieste in 1986, Andrea Kvas achieves a personal revision of pictorial grammar through a constant analysis of its fundamental components: sign, colour, form and surface. Moving freely between works on paper and works on canvas, wall drawings and installations of various sizes, his artistic practice includes elements of chance and improvisations which allows the member of the audience to find his own narrative route inside the work. The goal of this production, which encreases with the everyday rhythm of a spiritual exercise, is to challenge painting limits, experimenting with its application in every possible context.
Often starting from the recognition of unusual or marginal areas, even if they are invested with a structural function like corners or ceilings, Kvas interventions assume a shape of infections which contaminate the environment in which they develop. The artist exhibited his work in public and private institutions like: Bevilacqua La Masa Foundation, Monfalcone Contemporary Art Gallery, Viafarini DOCVA, Brown Project; in 2009 he took part to the Biennale in Prague in the section Expanded Painting 3.



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