Spot 2. THE ISLAND – exhibition

THE ISLAND – 24 Month Meditation
The 12th of June 2010, at 7pm
Sala del Camino – SS. Cosma e Damiano
Giudecca 621, Palanca, Venezia

Aperta tutti i giorni fino al 13 Settembre 2010, dalle 14 alle 18.
Works by: André Eugene, Jean Hérard Celeur, Daniele Geminiani, Naomi Rincón Gallardo, Gabriel Rossell Santillán, Remo Salvadori, Matthew Stone, Nico Vascellari, José Antonio Vega Macotela.

Curated by: Pier Luigi Tazzi, Francesco Ragazzi e Francesco Urbano, Daniele Geminiani.

The third residency for Spot – studio dal vivo. This time it is Daniele Geminiani, founder of the London artist-run initiative The Island, to be appointed artistic director of the Sala del Camino (chimney room) in exchange of an atelier on the Giudecca island.
From the 24th of May until the 14th of June the artist transfers the physical and mental dimensions of his studio from the British capital city to the Venetian lagoon. So the third episode of 24 Month Meditation takes shape: a nomadic project lasting a total of 2 years, that widens and overturns the well established format of the Biennali. The highlight of the residential experience is a collective exhibition that opens on Saturday the 12th of June [at 7pm, Sala del Camino] preceded by a talk in the Bevilacqua la Masa Foundation.
The logic that brings the invited artists together is primarily vitalistic, depending in various ways on the resident artist’s biography, but it is around spiritual forms of transcendence of being that the displayed works of art converge more directly. One of the first hot topics is formed by the sculptures of the Haitians André Eugene and Jean Hérard Celeur, members of Atis Rezistans – Sculpteurs de la Grand Rue and founders of the Ghetto Biennale in Port-au-Prince. With the voodoo assemblage, the metaphysical geometry of Remo Salvatori and Nico Vascellari’s candle sculptures are challenged. The sculptures of the lattest also light a photographic cycle of the British artist Matthew Stone. Both Antonio Vega Macotela and Naomi Rincòn-Gallardo worked together with some Mexican prisoners: their works are characterised by claustrophobic and mortuary atmospheres which are on the other side opposing Gabriel Rossell Santillàn’s photographs and videos about the San Luis Portosì desert, where the Huicholes population lives.
Daniele Geminiani interprets the Sala del Camino like an extension of his mind. The artist darkens all the bright sources turning the space like a cave or a giant darkroom. The only uncovered skylight gives rhythm to the exhibition, determining, with the sun transit, the opening and closing times.
Spot – studio dal vivo, curated by Francesco Ragazzi and Francesco Urbano, benefits in this occasion from the special contribute of Pier Luigi Tazzi.

Press release and critical texts – English version


Daniele Geminiani was born in 1975 in Ravenna. He now lives in London where he opened the studio The Island. In 2004 he founded the collaborative project Robert Vincent, through which he operated on an international level, creating independent work platforms. He exhibited his work in collective and personal exhibitions, in spaces such as the MAN in Nuoro, the Kunsthalle in Zurich, the Stenersenmusset in Oslo, the Contemporary Interior Design Museum in Ravenna, the Civic Contemporary Art Gallery – Monfalcone, the MART in Trento, the GAM in Bologna. As artist and curator, he took part in the Ghetto Biennale, the first Biennale in Port-au-Prince (Haiti, 2009).
Located in the East-End of London, The Island is Daniele Geminiani’s studio: a basement without windows, similar to an isolation cell, where the artist curates cycles of exhibitions as part of his artistic practice. There, from 2009, young artists coming from different parts of the world and with different educations, have been invited to create a concrete dialogue with the space, alternating themselves with the presentation of famous artists’ works, such as Dan Graham and Thomas Ruff. After having presented Radical Relations, a cycle of exhibitions which identifies a radical cooperation / curatorial practice in the relationships between the artists, The Island is now developing 24 Month Meditation, a Biennale to be done in two years of research, dedicated to meditation.

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