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On Wednesday the 27th of June, at 18.18, by the MACRO Auditorium, the architect and designer Andreas Angelidakis (Athens, 1968), meets the public in Rome. Angelidakis’s research focuses on landscape, World Wide Web city planning and on the relationships between real and virtual, art and architecture, ruin and building.
Angelidakis considers the ruin as a building which shows past events, adapting and changing with time. Even the internet ‘landscape’ contains ruins such as inactive social networks. While he exhibits his “visual-manifesto”, during the meeting the aim is to discuss the possibility that even the virtual can have its own decay, like an unrealised project which constitutes a “conceptual ruin”. The curators Francesco Ragazzi and Francesco Urbano took part in the meeting: they are the “choir” whose role is to interact with Angelidakis, openly challenging his theories.
The meeting is part of the program MACROeo (electronicOrphanage), curated by Miltos Manetas. In the AreaSpace, moreover, Angelidakis exposes his own thoughts through a “visual-manifesto”.
Andrea Angelidakis (Athens, 1968) is a Greek-Norwegian Architect. He is a member of the movement Neen, he took part in the first electonicOrphanage of Miltos Manetas in Los Angeles. In 2000 he exposed his work in the Biennale of Architecture in Venice.






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