ICH DU ER SIE > Kunsthof, ZHDK – Zurich

Ich, Du, Er, Sie

a lecture by Francesco Urbano Ragazzi
Kunsthof – Zurich, July 20 h21



Ich, Du, Er, Sie. This Lecture would be better in the dark narrates in retrospect an extraordinary meeting between six young artists and a group of ageing gay and lesbian people, all born in between the 30s and the 40s. The encounter was at the core of a convivial workshop and an exhibition held at the Bevilacqua La Masa Foundation in 2012. It was the driving force of a long term meditation made by artworks, texts, images and relationships: the experiment of a queer genealogy that originated outside identity cages. Ich, Du, Er, Sie is a new translation of this experience in the form of a lecture that will be hosted at Kunsthof in Zürich during sunset on July 30 2013.The landscapes of memory spread in the mental and physical space of the arts, letting prevail the shadows and uncertainty of life over the coherence of theories.




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