Nexialism Center of Research – Paris

Session #00
Saturday 24th May 2014 – h 19,30
Nexialism Center of Research / Coppola Leydis / 18 rue Riquet – 75019 Paris

« On parle de nous »
Carte blanche à Francesco Urbano Ragazzi

«On parle de nous» is a revelation; the alpha of Nexialism Center of Research founded in Paris by Théo-Mario Coppola and Corentin Leydis. The very first invitation was given to curatorial duo Francesco Urbano Ragazzi, who will make a revelation, audible during the 24 May evening, a real reading of the future through the archetypes of a story, at the same time private and professional. As usual, the tracks of what has been will become premonitions of what will be. After four months of marathon dedicated to visits of studios and meetings with artists, both Francesco speak to tell us who they are and for what they wait. The fragments of their shared biography then become personal oracles specifically dedicated to each visitor on that night. Between dialogue and confession, session #00 launched by Nexialism Center of Research is a rite of initiation, which celebrates the connecting strength of art. In this rite, the artist Sabina Grasso would also participate with the projection of a forest, physical and mental, in which we are invited to get lost.
On parle toujours de nous.

*The event has been organized as the final part of Francesco Urbano Ragazzi’s residency by the Cité Internationale des Arts, which has been made made possible thanks to the Direction des affaires culturelles de la ville de Paris.

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